Talking Billions: My Interview with Wealth Manager Bogumil Baranowski

I recently sat down with international wealth manager Bogumil Baranowski to discuss Old Money concepts and how they relate to the preservation of wealth…and living a richer life.

Bogumil is a unique position when it comes to Old Money: he advises families who have had money for hundreds of years, as well as individuals who are more recently minted. It follows that his conversations with them extend far beyond the usual ‘how do you want to plan  for your retirement?’ to the ‘how do we plan your estate for the next 100 years?’

Our conversation bounced from quality of life to the creation of wealth to the preservation of wealth, with most of the topics circling back to a single concept: values. How effectively and consistently do we express our values in our financial decisions and our daily lives?

Bogumil and I agreed that we could have talked for hours, so my emotions are mixed: I’m tremendously honored and excited about the interview with him, but I regret that we only had a limited amount of time.

I hope there will be a next time. Until then, please enjoy this PODCAST INTERVIEW with Bogumil.

Oh…one last thing…thank you, Bogumil.,,!

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4 thoughts on “Talking Billions: My Interview with Wealth Manager Bogumil Baranowski

  1. Very good interview. I never knew that this whole endeavor started in response to the 2008 financial crisis. And I’ve noticed the same thing regarding the difference between the money culture in L.A. and Boston. Thanks for posting.

  2. Great interview. It was insightful to learn about your background, influences and life experiences that have informed your writing.

  3. I listened to the podcast just after a late dinner last night and would have gladly postponed bedtime had the podcast been longer.

    Like Mr. Maurice before me, I was especially drawn to the personal life stories shared between two like-minded men with an extraordinary repartee.

    I too hope there are additional podcasts between the two of them not only for the inherent education provided but in order to witness their unmistakable developing respect and friendship. It’s heartening to hear.

    Well done to BOTH OF YOU! Thank you for sharing your hard-earned wisdom and experience with us all!


  4. That was a great discussion.

    I’ve been listening to Bogumil’s podcast for a while now and not only does he manage to get interesting guests on the show, he also engages them well and creates an interesting and joyful discussion. I think it was a great idea to present the Old Money way of life there.

    One other podcast of his I enjoyed was then January 9 conversation with Jacob Lund Fisker on frugal, responsible and environmentally friendly living. Should fit in well with most OMG values you’ve talked about.


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