The Hindu Way To Wealth – A Recent Conversation

I recently had a conversation with my anonymous friend “Mahesh”. We collaborated on the book “The Hindu Way To Wealth“, in which I spoke with him about the fundamentals and philosophy of his culture’s perspective on wealth. He’s made a lot of money, and seems to do exactly the opposite of what I recommend in … More The Hindu Way To Wealth – A Recent Conversation

Compliments To: The Surprise Millionaires

One of the most pleasant surprises for me when I wrote The Old Money Book and started the blog was finding another like-minded website that communicated so many of the values we promote here. The Surprise Millionaires is a great website with inspiring stories about “Ordinary People” and “Extraordinary Wealth,” as they note on their … More Compliments To: The Surprise Millionaires

Paul Newman, Old Money Style

In the photo above, the late, legendary actor displays some very Old Money habits: 1. Wearing a button down collar shirt. 2. Wearing penny loafers. 3. Not taking himself too seriously. Not pictured is the legacy he left with his Newman’s Own Foundation, which is funded by sales of the spaghetti sauce company he founded. … More Paul Newman, Old Money Style

Black Friday Alternative

If you’ve followed this blog at all, or if you’ve read The Old Money Book, you know how I feel about rampant consumerism. Aside from the obvious effect of crippling many Americans financially, it’s also eroding our personal relationships. I feel that many people have substituted shopping for having real interests like reading, travel, mentoring, … More Black Friday Alternative

Speaking of Values, Susan Cheever

How modern preppies got the style but forgot the values. by Susan Cheever. Published in Newsweek on August 6, 2012. SUMMERING used to go with trust funds and prepping at St. Paul’s and double-barreled names that ended in Roman numerals. These days summer at the beach has become an American right that we hold to be self-evident. … More Speaking of Values, Susan Cheever

The Best Way To Give Today

In spite of the overall sluggish state of the economy, there are many people–Old Money and New–who are doing well financially. There always are, actually. If you’re one of them, you may be contemplating how to give charitably and have the most impact for every dollar. Giving can never be termed a “failure”, although I … More The Best Way To Give Today

Forget Retirement

Ominous headlines abound: the economy is growing less; extended unemployment is not uncommon; adult children are moving back in with their parents; people are living longer and, thanks to inflation, able to save less. Given this new reality, retirement–the concept of leaving a job or profession permanently in order to live out one’s days in … More Forget Retirement

Etiquette, Italian Style

A year or two ago, I was in Florence, being a flaneur. I got lost. How? Good question. Florence has always struck me as a small town. One with great art, stunning architecture, jaw-dropping history and wonderful people, but small nonetheless. Somewhere behind the Santa Croce, I was wandering helplessly in a labyrinth of cobblestone and … More Etiquette, Italian Style

Old Money Guy: Cleveland Amory

Cleveland Amory was the quintessential OMG. Born into an established Boston family in 1917, he attended Harvard and was president of the Harvard Crimson (the school’s newspaper). After graduation became the youngest editor ever of The Saturday Evening Post. During his professional career, he wrote novels, satire, social commentary, and appeared regularly on NBC’s Today … More Old Money Guy: Cleveland Amory