The Huffington Post Talks Old Money

Journalist Geoff Williams spoke with a entrepreneurs, psychologists, wealth managers–and me–last week about when (and how) parents should stop giving their children money. His logic in wanting to speak with me was straightforward: Old Money families obviously know something about how to handle this issue, or there wouldn’t be any money left. He had some … More The Huffington Post Talks Old Money

Old Money Likes ‘Ladies Like Us’

I recently finished reading ‘Ladies Like Us‘, an informative and enlightening book by Alena Kate Pettitt. I recommend it highly for teenage girls and their parents, as it provides sterling guidance in matters of values, goals, self-esteem, relationships, etiquette and manners, dress, and numerous other important subjects. Alena’s perspective aligns perfectly with Old Money values … More Old Money Likes ‘Ladies Like Us’

Old Money and Raising Children

A few weeks ago, David, one of our regular readers and contributors in the comments section, inquired about how Old Money families raise their children. I responded, and David suggested that the response might make a good blog post. ¬†Rereading what I’d written, I think he has a point. So, below is the response in … More Old Money and Raising Children

Old Money: In Their Own Words

The thing that we always remember, and are often reminded of, is that we’ve had every advantage: solid family environment, access to healthcare and education, travel, a support system of teachers, friends, and a social network, all contributing to a pretty constructive childhood and adolescence. So to brag about your accomplishments is a little gauche. … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

The Challenges With Advice

In The Old Money Book, I give advice on How To Live Better While Spending Less. The concepts I articulate, like the importance of financial independence, the work ethic, and family, and the fundamentals I detail, like how to dress and behave, are time-tested and straightforward. There’s no magic. There’s no instant gratification. The philosophy … More The Challenges With Advice

The Importance of Family

Family is one of the Core Values I discuss in The Old Money Book. Why? Because it’s essential to a healthy, stable, and productive life. Whether you’re lucky enough to have been born into a loving family, or if you have to build one around you that may even include non-blood relationships, it’s an important … More The Importance of Family

I Hate Manufactured Holidays, But Still…

…I purchased this box of chocolates for my mother for Mother’s Day, which is Sunday. More importantly, she and I will spend time together, over breakfast, which she will most certainly not cook. This commitment of time–which cannot be purchased, only given–helps me moderate my distaste for rampant consumerism fueled by monthly manufactured holidays (Mother’s … More I Hate Manufactured Holidays, But Still…

Keeping It Together: Old Money & Marriage

Romance is great. Passion is wonderful. Falling in love is an incredible experience. Being in love and still married ten years later is a rarity. Discussion of divorce and marital bliss, the causes and the effects, the contributing factors and the unknowable variables, are a staple of conversation among academics heavy with research, astrologers quick … More Keeping It Together: Old Money & Marriage

Poor Form Regarding Privacy

A successful entertainer was recently outed as allegedly having a financial net worth in the billions of dollars, not due to earnings from work in the industry, but Old Money in the family. The entertainer, who shall go unnamed here, was not handed stardom on a silver platter. The person in question attended prep school … More Poor Form Regarding Privacy