In Their Own Words: Office Visit

Hey Byron, Thank you for reaching out with information on the new book. I completely understand why you have chosen not to address sexual assault. It’s a very relevant but tough subject. I think it is best communicated by women to women, and there are so many resources available. You’re a good writer, but you’re … More In Their Own Words: Office Visit

The Khaki Revolution

It’s a new year. We’ve all made (and perhaps broken) a few New Year’s resolutions. Oh well. The commitments we make to ourselves and stick with rarely follow a calendar. They follow emotion. We feel strongly about something and we do it. We do it not just once, but repeatedly. That behavior becomes a habit … More The Khaki Revolution

5 Reasons To Shop at Your Local Farmers Market

Buying your food at your local farmers market is a great choice. Here are five reasons why: 74% of all foods in your local supermarket contain added sugar. You don’t need it. In fact, you want to avoid it. Buy food that’s in its original state: fresh, with a minimum of packaging and processing. When … More 5 Reasons To Shop at Your Local Farmers Market

The Importance of Family

Family is one of the Core Values I discuss in The Old Money Book. Why? Because it’s essential to a healthy, stable, and productive life. Whether you’re lucky enough to have been born into a loving family, or if you have to build one around you that may even include non-blood relationships, it’s an important … More The Importance of Family

Eating Better, Spending Less…A Lot Less

One of the easiest things you can do to reduce your grocery bill is to reduce the amount of animal products (specifically beef, chicken and pork) you buy and consume each week. This is a good idea for several reasons. First, you save money. Meat products are easily the most expensive items in most people’s … More Eating Better, Spending Less…A Lot Less

Fed Up and The Old Money Diet

One of the Core Values discussed in The Old Money Book is Health. It’s difficult to be Old Money, or old, or money, if you aren’t healthy. We all know that, in tandem with exercise, diet is essential to good health. We’re not talking celebrity-endorsed fad diets that come and go on bestseller lists and … More Fed Up and The Old Money Diet

The Impact of Unplanned Pregnancy

When you start out in life, you have (or should have) a purpose, a goal, a dream that you aspire to achieve, a position you wish to attain, a person you wish to become. Without some vision of your future, your fate is cast to the wind and becomes to the product of chance and … More The Impact of Unplanned Pregnancy