The Slow But Certain Dawn

Scarlet O’Hara famously said that, ‘After tall, tomorrow is another day,’ her closing remark in Gone With The Wind engraving a defiant optimism in the minds of a generation of readers, and probably even more film fans. So, with the ravages of Covid-19 still plaguing the globe, it’s important for us to remember this as … More The Slow But Certain Dawn

The Anti-Fashion Statement

The clothes you wear communicate. They communicate to other people before you say a word. So what are you saying when you dress like Old Money? You’re saying that you’ve placed your priorities elsewhere: you’re not following the latest trend; you’re not spending your money on clothing that will look silly in a year, and … More The Anti-Fashion Statement

This Time, It’s Personal

Very often, people behave in ways that they know are not in their best interest. They spend too much, ignore warning signs in their relationships, and endanger their health, among other things. Why they do this is puzzling for others to watch, and can be frustrating as we–as friends, family, or colleagues–can easily see the … More This Time, It’s Personal

The Importance of An Overall Philosophy

As we all know, the economy has been in the pits for a half-decade now, and while the media likes to paint a picture of things generally improving, jobs and confidence remain shaky propositions. In response to unemployment and underemployment of family breadwinners and their adult children, households naturally look for a way to live … More The Importance of An Overall Philosophy