6 thoughts on “The Old Money Gal Chair

  1. Hello Byron, I have moved into a new place and I’m having a terrible dilemma. I would like to furnish my place with used pieces of high quality that do not break my bank; I cannot figure out where to do so online. I tend to be too busy to take time to search antique stores in my area. Do you have any advice for my situation? Thanks. -Austin

    1. Hi Austin, thanks for the question. I would check on craigslist. Sometimes, quality pieces will appear there for good prices. Other possible sources could be friends and coworkers. Everybody knows somebody who’s getting rid of something. If you’re single, asking a potential love interest if they have any ideas is a great way to break the ice and have possibly a great afternoon out, treasure hunting.

      I think you should understand that this process takes time, and a little effort. That’s what’s going to get you good pieces, and save you money. It’s a trade off. Hang in there! – BGT

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