Parisian Parenting: The Basics

After 3 years of living here in Paris, I’ve begun to pick up on some of the more obscure but fascinating details of this unique culture. Parenting is a prime example, and I may have discussed it here before. I know I’ve discussed it with French and American friends at length. The overall behavior and … More Parisian Parenting: The Basics

Old Money: In Their Own Words

It was Senior week at my small-city university when I asked a very dashing fellow classmate why he was heading to medical school in the Fall. After all, wasn’t that basically like starting school all over again? We had just finished 4 years as undergraduates! When I pressed him to find if there were any … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

Hold On To…The Formal Dinner

Even if it’s just two Sundays a year. Even if it’s just blazers and bowties, sundresses and sandals. Especially if it’s just family and friends. Set the table. Cook the food. Light the candles. Turn off the phones. Sit. Eat. Converse. For civilization is not merely knowing the rules of etiquette: it is knowing the … More Hold On To…The Formal Dinner

Headlines and Guidelines: How To Treat Women

I rarely respond to headlines, trends, or hot topics on this blog. Most of what is posted here stands alone, immune to current events or the latest trends. However, the recent headlines about sexual harassment–and a message from one of our readers, Chris, on Twitter–have prompted me to address the subject of the proper treatment … More Headlines and Guidelines: How To Treat Women

The Random Routine

An acquaintance from Boston was visiting Paris last week. We had lunch at a crowded cafe, ironically populated with a number of Americans, and got to know each other better. He’d read The Old Money Book and The Old Money Guide To Marriage and shared his thoughts about the two. We discussed traditional values and the … More The Random Routine

Old Money: In Their Own Words

I think there are a lot of misconceptions about being wealthy in America. Obviously, the media contributes substantially to these with the way that wealthy people are portrayed on television. Money is not a license to behave badly. It’s not a toy. Being born into a rich family with a certain amount of education–college educated … More Old Money: In Their Own Words