Top Ten Old Money Pet Peeves

It’s been quite a year. And it’s the holiday time. What a better moment to articulate the things that have really irritated, aggravated, and annoyed Old Money Guys and Gals (OMGs) the last twelve months. So pour yourself a strong one, put your feet up, and grumble along with me as we detail The Top … More Top Ten Old Money Pet Peeves

The Importance of Empathy

You’re reading this blog. You’ve already bought and read The Old Money Book. You’ve embraced the values, priorities, and habits that are presented in it, and you’re living the Old Money life. And now, a short time later, you either begin or continue to prosper as a result. Maybe you even experience a financial windfall … More The Importance of Empathy

Speaking of Values, Susan Cheever

How modern preppies got the style but forgot the values. by Susan Cheever. Published in Newsweek on August 6, 2012. SUMMERING used to go with trust funds and prepping at St. Paul’s and double-barreled names that ended in Roman numerals. These days summer at the beach has become an American right that we hold to be self-evident. … More Speaking of Values, Susan Cheever

Life is Like a Restaurant

Life is like a restaurant. When you arrive, the place is already up and running under written regulations and unwritten rules that you may never know and that are unlikely to ever change. You enter and are probably treated as politely as you treat those who run the place. You are judged to a certain … More Life is Like a Restaurant

How Old Money Lives

In The Old Money Book, I detail the values, priorities, and habits of individuals and families who’ve enjoyed wealth and privilege for three generations or more.  Not by accident, the book begins with Old Money Values. If you don’t know what’s important–to you or someone else–mimicking certain behaviors will be a short-lived endeavor with hit-or-miss … More How Old Money Lives