Old Money…With Issues

A very predictable thing happens at the end of each year: we have the time and the inclination to contemplate. Often we look back on the last 11 3/4 months. We wince with regret or sigh with satisfaction at our choices or our experiences. Sometimes our minds wander farther afield. We pour through thicker volumes … More Old Money…With Issues

Old Money vs. New Money – The Clothes

I feel like it’s been awhile since we reinforced (for our loyal readers) and introduced (to our new readers) one of the basics of the Old Money lifestyle: the clothes. So let me cover some important points that will articulate the how-to aspect of dressing in Old Money style. More importantly, I’ll review the even … More Old Money vs. New Money – The Clothes

Noblesse Oblige: A Working List for the Low Key Rich

I’ve made it my mission over the past few years to articulate the fundamentals of the Old Money culture. The way we dress, the way we spend (or, more often that not, don’t spend), the priorities, the values, the habits. There’s another aspect that I touch on a little less often, and that’s the obligations … More Noblesse Oblige: A Working List for the Low Key Rich

Telling It Like It Is…Wisely

I received an email the other day. Basically, the issue was this: how do I tell people about my accomplishments without coming across as arrogant, but also without selling myself short? It’s a great question, and a tricky balance, especially for women in the workplace who need to present themselves as qualified and competent, without … More Telling It Like It Is…Wisely

Join The Ultimate Aristocracy

We all like to belong to something: a club, a peer group, a fraternity or sorority, a secret society, a family. With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to join the Ultimate Aristocracy. I know it’s quite a garish and provocative invitation here in America, where we say we don’t have royalty or … More Join The Ultimate Aristocracy