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We all like to belong to something: a club, a peer group, a fraternity or sorority, a secret society, a family.

With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to join the Ultimate Aristocracy. I know it’s quite a garish and provocative invitation here in America, where we say we don’t have royalty or nobility. But hear me out.

The aristocracy I’m inviting you to join has no membership requirements that relate to the circumstances of your birth. You need not own land. You don’t need initials at the start of your name or Roman numerals at the end of it.  Your religious, political, or cultural affiliations are of no concern whatsoever. A college degree is not required. The threadbare and the well-heeled are equally welcome.

The Ultimate Aristocracy I’m referring to is the one based on Values. I’ve detailed these Core Values in The Old Money Book. They are timeless concepts that elevate and ennoble the individuals and families who revere them. They include Health, Family and Marriage, Educations, Manners, Financial Independence, Privacy, and the Work Ethic.

To adopt, preserve, and promote these values is the mission of the Ultimate Aristocracy.

Since no aristocracy in history has had a website, we won’t have one, either. No official titles can be conferred or adopted. No applications will be accepted. There will be no membership dues. I haven’t exactly thought of any exotic rituals, initiations, or secret handshakes, but, you know, give me time.

The only requirement for membership is to lead by example.

If by chance you should encounter other members of the Ultimate Aristocracy, you will recognize them by their discreet but presentable attire, their modesty and manners, their articulate speech, and their gracious demeanor.

They may be the last one to leave the office at night and the first one to open a door for you. They may be the person who pours you a drink or the person who owns the distillery.

You never know, so you simply have to be polite to everyone and keep an eye out for fellow Aristocrats. They may be anywhere and, once the word gets out, hopefully they will be everywhere.

After a while, you’ll know them when you meet them.

So remember: Always Be The OMG.

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8 thoughts on “Join The Ultimate Aristocracy

  1. A most excellent post. The core values of TOMB really do spell it out for one. My membership card could be my community volunteer work, my comfortable cracked shoes, or, my twenty year old cashmere sweater with the three small holes it in. The Old Money Book would make a good Christmas gift.

  2. My years as community member at the VA hospital in Westwood CA and the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica’s Institutional review boards might be good enough to qualify not to mention my very tired Sperrys and pretty much worn out Bean, Bauer and Lands End clothes from many years ago.
    You have put up a great post and I’m here to serve. And rest quite a bit as well. Congrats.

  3. Hey, now isn’t this just the greatest thought. My membership card would be a transition from memories of family working in the old steel mills to business owner in clean New England air! Every morning I take a deep breathe of clear air as I leave for work, never forgetting the smog of my youth. Yes, those values have taken me a long way also, just as they will do for anyone who chooses to emulate them. I agree with Michael…..excellent post!

  4. What a wonderful and inspiring post!
    I am a very late bloomer, but your posts and book ( which I just finished an hour ago and greatly enjoyed) give me hope that it isn’t to late to get a smart start. Thank you for the invitation, I accept!

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