Financial Literacy and The Right Mindset – Simone Craig

I’ve introduced Simone Craig to all of you before here on the blog.

Just as a reminder, Simone is a seasoned (25+ years) accountant with Big 4 experience and a thriving practice in the NYC area. She combines nuts-and-bolts fundamentals about money management with a spiritual approach to life to help people and companies get a handle on their finances and live richer lives.

And, unlike some accountants, she’s a lot of fun to talk with. (Wink, nod.)

She has recently launched a new 8 step online curriculum to help people improve their finances and transform their way of looking at money. Both a ‘real world budget’ and an ‘abundant mindset’ are essential in creating and preserving wealth. You can have the fundamentals of ‘living within your means’ nailed down tight, but without an open, optimistic, and connected thought process, you may not get far when it comes to creating wealth. And if you can’t create it, you can’t preserve it.

I learned the importance of this first-hand during my time researching The Hindu Way To Wealth. Mahesh, the successful Indian entrepreneur whose insights I share in the book, emphasizes the spiritual side of creating wealth.

Likewise, Simone has articulated some important concepts–both in terms of day-in-day-out finances and in terms of the power of abundant thinking–in a straightforward and detailed series of courses. Her balanced approach is refreshing and informative.

I’d encourage you to visit her site.  I think what she’s offering is very worthwhile.

You can learn more about her curriculum HERE.

And if you have questions, I’d encourage you to reach out and speak with Simone personally through her website. She’s always available and responsive to inquiries.

Thanks. Until next time…

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