Old Money in Verona

As some of you are probably aware, my wife and I have been abroad for awhile. Happy accidents have conspired and we are now ensconced in a small apartment in Verona, Italy. We’re wedged in a picturesque, pedestrian enclave. The narrow, cobblestone streets are barely wide enough for one car, much less two, and traffic … More Old Money in Verona

Old Money: The Rewards Program

On this blog, I focus frequently on the discipline and effort required to lead an Old Money life. I rarely discuss the rewards, and I’m even less inclined to share my personal life. However, I think it may help to share, on rare occasions, the rewards that sometimes result from adhering to the Core Values … More Old Money: The Rewards Program

Old Money Principle: Do What You Love

While on a recent trip abroad, my wife and I ventured off the tourist-beaten path in Verona and found ourselves enjoying a splendid aperitif in an unassuming cafe. Our host was Francesco Finetto who, with his wife, owns and operates Il Convivio with that combination of warmth and efficiency that seems to be uniquely Italian. … More Old Money Principle: Do What You Love