Old Money: The Rewards Program

On this blog, I focus frequently on the discipline and effort required to lead an Old Money life. I rarely discuss the rewards, and I’m even less inclined to share my personal life.

However, I think it may help to share, on rare occasions, the rewards that sometimes result from adhering to the Core Values I emphasize in The Old Money Book.  One of the biggest rewards is travel. Done properly, it’s an enriching, enlightening, and educational experience that’s worth ten times the cost of the airplane ticket.  As a writer, I find it essential.

To that end, over the next few months, I’ll be sharing the odd photo and a brief caption from my travels. Credit for the photos goes to my wife, who has quite an eye, but prefers to stay behind the camera.

The elegant and discreet Cafe Carducci in Verona, Italy.
                         The elegant and discreet Cafe Carducci in Verona, Italy.

Wardrobe note: I am wearing jeans in some of these photos. I prefer khakis and slacks. So do many pickpockets: it makes liberating your wallet much easier. Tight jeans, with the wallet securely shoved into the front pocket, make the pickpocket’s job more difficult, and holding onto that Old Money much easier.

So, please, enjoy the photos. And I welcome your comments and contributions from your own travels.

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14 thoughts on “Old Money: The Rewards Program

  1. Well, you could not define traveling better and simpler. Many people confuse replacing with traveling. Traveling is what you just described, and with a great eye and a nice glass, it is just a pleasure.


  2. Traveling is one of the best forms of education. I enjoy traveling vicariously, enjoyed the previous travel posts and look forward to hearing more about your adventures. Happy travels and thanks for the pickpocket tip! (I’m remembering the names of these establishments,and hope to visit them myself.

    1. Thanks for asking, Curious.

      Flying first class, business class, or coach is usually a personal choice among OMGs, not a financial consideration. If it’s a short flight, I know some very wealthy people who will fly coach because “the plane lands at the same time for business class or coach.” If an OMG has an important business meeting immediately following a flight, the comfort and convenience of business class might make sense.

      Most common is to purchase coach tickets and use frequent flyer miles to upgrade to business class. – BGT

      1. Hi Byron, thanks so much for replying 🙂 I greatly enjoyed your book, and your blog is a nice extension of that.

  3. Liked your book. It echoes our values. And these posts are an interesting way to parlay into conversation.
    Perhaps a thread focused on summering would be interesting as well; this is very important to many of us.

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