Friends and Family…?

I sat in the Pacific Dining Car in downtown Los Angeles a few mornings ago. It was early, barely dawn, and the place was quiet. Only a few casually dressed patrons here and there. Early risers with sharp minds and busy schedules, eager to get a jump on the Saturday. (The place is open 24/7/365. Breakfast entrees arrive in huge portions, and it’s quiet.)

I sat alone with my thoughts and a Guardian Weekly, nursing a cup of coffee. At the next table, I heard this comment during a conversation: “Some people are adamant about not doing business with friends and family. We only do business with friends and family. That way there’s an understanding beyond the contracts and a sense of purpose beyond profit.”

I thought it was an insightful and revealing comment.

Do you do business with friends and family? Only friends and family?

Let me know.


Photo credit: Dominic C. on Yelp

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