The Price of Cheap

The collapse of a garment factory building in Bangladesh  that killed over 800 people two weeks ago brings into sharp focus the real price of cheap clothing.

In “The Old Money Book“, which I wrote late in 2012, I talk about this briefly, encouraging readers to purchase quality clothing less often, and avoid five dollar t-shirts altogether. Why? Because a shirt that can sell retail for five dollars and still generate a profit for the retailer, wholesaler, importer and manufacturer was probably made by someone working for slave wages in barbaric conditions.

And sadly, this recent, tragic event confirmed this.  Our thoughts and prayers went out instantly to the families and survivors of this disaster. Now, our spending habits should follow.

Shop less often. Buy better quality. Patronize clothing companies who manufacture locally, if possible, paying and treating their workers fairly.

If you know of a website that publishes information on which clothing companies treat their employees well, or manufacture and sell locally, send it to me. I’ll publish. This is information we all need to know.

The tragedy in Bangladesh should be the last one of its kind.



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