Making The Trade

Whether we realize it or not, we’re constantly trading something we have for something we want or need. When we work, we’re trading our time and/or talent for money. When we spend money, we’re trading it in order to obtain goods or services.

If we consciously and consistently keep in mind that, each day, we are trading a unit of our life for something, then we’re more inclined to spend–literally spend–our time and talents more wisely. We are also more likely to make choices that let us feel we are getting more value for our time and money spent.

Let’s look at work: at the most basic level, we trade 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, in order to earn money to buy food, provide ourselves shelter, and survive. But at the ideal level, a level that Old Money seeks, work is something completely different. It transforms and transcends. When we work at something we are passionate about, we are fulfilled. We also tend to be good at it. We love it and that transforms us.

When this happens, our work is more likely to be its best and has the best chance of transcending, that is, becoming more than it was originally imagined to be. When this happens, we are rewarded in more ways and in greater quantity than we could have imagined.

Ironically, when this transformation and transcendence occurs, money is the last thing on our minds and the most natural and abundant thing in our lives.

This is the way Old Money looks at work. Yes, many Old Money individuals have the resources to pursue what they’re passionate about without financial worries. But that doesn’t mean that you–whoever you are and whatever position you’re currently in–can’t do the same thing.

You may not be able to quit your day job today and start to work on your novel. But you must have the courage to do what you are passionate about. This means making a plan to get from Point A (day job) to Point B (dream job) and starting to work on it.

You’re trading your unique, priceless, and irreplaceable life, one day at a time, for what? Make sure, when you answer this question, that your answer has value. Make sure it has meaning. Make sure it has passion.

When you answer this question, so many of the distractions and issues you’ve been facing will fade away, or at the very least come into perspective.

You’re already making the trade. Negotiate for what you want, and life will agree to the terms.


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