2 thoughts on “Nothing New, Thank You Very Much

  1. How does OM give gifts during holidays and birthdays? I find it a waste of money. We all give each other gifts, and spend money on dinners. I don’t NEED anything, and quite frankly I like my cooking better than most restaurants. I think much of it is over priced for the quality that is offered. I’d much rather sit around a plate of tasty cheese, fruit, and various types of olives, etc. with good wine and crackling fire than go out.

    1. Good question, Melissa. I would suggest small, personal gifts that are functional for birthdays. Clothing is tricky, unless you know the person well. It takes a lot more thought to get the right gift and spend less. I frown upon gift cards. If the children are younger, drop some money into an educational fund that’s been established by the parents. Or establish one yourself if need be. (Mommy Dearest made annual donations to her nieces and nephews this way, and sent a card. The cards have long been discarded. The college education is treasured.)

      For the holidays, I’d say it would be time to have a family sit-down and discuss the situation. Perhaps one person buys a gift for one other person, and that’s it. ‘Secret Santa’ kind of thing. Rampant consumerism is a thing of the past, at least in this group.

      Hope that helps. – BGT

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