Old Money and Karma

I had an interesting conversation with an OMG (Old Money Guy) last week. He was elaborating on his self-discipline, which is the stuff of legend among his family members and friends. He exercises every day. He works only 8 hours a day, but adds 3 hours on Saturday mornings to tie up loose ends and prepare for the next week. During those 8 hour days, his focus is entirely on the task at hand. He calls himself a “uni-tasker”, diligently doing only one thing at a time, doing it completely, and doing it well.

When I mentioned that his friends marvel at his tenacity, he rolled his eyes. “I’ve heard that. They think I like getting up at six in the morning to go to the gym before I hit the office. I don’t. What I like is the results. I’m healthy, alert. I have energy. On a trip to India years ago, I sat with a sadhu who told me that for every action, there is a result. He said if you can learn to like the result even if you dislike the action, you can do anything. It was an interesting take on karma, and I took it to heart.”

Create good karma for yourself: stay focused on the results.


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