3 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. On 6/27/15 you had a very good post called “Let’s Expand Capital Punishment” in which you advocate the death penalty for certain white collar crimes. I certainly agree with you that some people who have committed very serious financial crimes have not been adequately punished. Here you have (unknowingly, I assume) posted a picture of Bernie Madoff’s living room. I don’t think Bernie Madoff was an OMG, but if he was he should be disqualified and his OMG status revoked. Let’s look at this as an example of someone who imitated the outward trappings of old money but who lacked the integrity and ethics of a true OMG.

    1. Good call, Amy. I did post that photo unknowingly. Irony of ironies, Bernie Madoff being mentioned in the same sentence as Old Money. – BGT

  2. He certainly wasn’t an OMG, perhaps he was trying to fake it (among many other things he wanted to fake).

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