Old Money: In Their Own Words – Part 2

This is the second in a series about growing up in an Old Money home. The contributors remain anonymous.

My mother’s side started one of the top ten banks and my father’s side consists mainly of financiers and business owners, but 200+ years ago we were politicians. We have at some point in time also started or overseen two Fortune 50 companies.

I think the biggest difference between growing up in a family that comes from old money is that money was never an “issue” rather just a rarely broached topic of conversation.

Also, (and I doubt I’m alone here), talking about it in any form makes me uncomfortable and I tend to stay away from the topic altogether with people outside of my family.

I don’t know if this is different than anyone else’s family, but there was never really any conversation when I was little about becoming a lawyer or a doctor, only rules and principles my father and mother thought I should learn (live within your means, never spend more than you should, don’t flaunt wealth, give back to those in need, be thankful etc.) The difference in the lesson though was, don’t spend more than the interest you make, which is significantly different than the way most people go about spending their income.


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