8 thoughts on “You Can’t Un-Invent Things

  1. Hello Mr. Tully,
    My parents very recently bought me a townhouse. I’m only 19 and now I’m in charge of a house. I hope this won’t be misconstrued as bragging. What I’m trying to say is it was a very difficult transition (in addition to being a first generation college student). It was too rough and I began to lose hope.
    As fate would have it, I happened onto your book. Your book has changed my life. Just the first chapter on health and the idea that it should be prioritized, has made me a healthier, and happier person.
    Thank you,
    P.s. I apologize in advance if this is asking too much but would it be acceptable is I ask a question now and then? I have read your book and marked it cover to cover. In addition, I’ve done the same to many of the others you recommended but I still have some questions

    1. Hi Corbin, Thank you for the comment. I’m really happy that The Old Money Book has been helpful to you. And no, I don’t think you’re bragging (and I don’t think any of our other readers would think so, either). You’re just explaining your situation and how it makes you feel. You definitely have a lot on your plate, but you’ll handle it just fine. Questions are absolutely welcome. You can comment on the blog, and I’ll respond. Or if you’d like to contact me directly, feel free to email me at byrontully@gmail.com.

      And if any of our readers have been young homeowners and have advice or stories to share with Corbin, feel free. Thanks again. – BGT

      1. I think copies of your book should be a standard graduation gift for high school and college students. Best gift ever! Words to live by.

  2. I am an OMG (Scottish Canadian living in British Columbia, Canada). One may still purchase this pattern in jackets and caps at the Scottish shops in Victoria and Vancouver. They use leftover bits and bobs of wool plaid to make them. Nothing is wasted. Haven’t seen in trousers as of late though.

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