6 thoughts on “You Can’t Be Afraid of a Little Color

  1. Believe I shared with you once that I still wear my father’s jacket that he purchased in 1966 on his 25th wedding anniversary. I wear at summer events here in Canada with white trousers. Still receive compliments from the ladies on it. It’s quite the hoot. It is a little darker in shade and colour than the one on the far right. My wardrobe is OMG and quite traditional. With the jacket being the exception. Also, I am not the only one in this part of British Columbia that wears one of these jackets in the summer.

    1. That’s great! I love it when someone can wear clothes from previous generations. It’s got to be a strong feeling of pride. Thanks, Michael. – BGT

    1. Probably! Amy, can you provide any insight to Mary’s comment on the Home for the Holidays post? Predictably, I wouldn’t know much about women’s accessories. Thanks again, – BGT

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