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  1. Hello.
    My understanding was that logos are considered bad taste so what makes the Polo logo acceptable?
    I have never liked purses with names and logos, but where can women find good quality purses and totes without them?
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Mary, thank you for the comment. I think Ralph Lauren’s designs are in such good taste so much of the time, and his products are generally very good quality. The logo is accepted, as are the logos of Brooks Brothers and Lacoste, because they’re usually small and fairly discreet.

      Some Polo products have no logo at all. Yes, it’s best to avoid them by purchasing artisan-quality products if possible (Mercer & Sons men’s shirts and Bill’s khakis come to mind). The tacky quotient comes into play when every item of clothing has a logo on it, or if the logos are, like you say, too large and obvious.

      I can’t really comment on handbags and totes. My wife has inherited pieces, and, when she does buy a purse, it’s usually at a vintage or consignment shop in Europe. Very rarely retail because she, like you, complains about the over-logo-ization of everything.

      I have asked Amy, who makes frequent and spot-on comments on the blog for help. She’s a 3rd generation OMG, so maybe she’ll have some insights and suggestions on a quality, low-profile handbag.

      Thank you again for dropping a line. – BGT

    2. Hi Mary! Finding purses without a logo can be a bit of a challenge. Obviously you’re going to want to avoid Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana! Kate Spade and Coach make nice purses that have a name instead of a logo (if that makes a difference to you) but the name is very small and discreet. I would say Kate Spade is a little more elegant and Coach leans more toward classic. Vince Camuto makes some nice leather handbags that have a logo on a pendant or medallion that hangs from a leather strap and can easily be removed.

      Channel bags have the Channel logo, which is a little ironic because Coco Channel herself eschewed logos, but again, they sometimes dangle from a strap that can be removed. Tory Burch, who is herself an Old Money Gal, makes purses and clutches with the Tory Burch logo embossed on the leather, but its fairly subtle and is usually the same color as the rest of the purse, so its not very noticeable.

      In my opinion it also depends a little on what the logo is. Coach and Kate Spade have long been known for quality, tasteful items, and so a very small Coach or Kate Spade label doesn’t bother me. Tory Burch is newer to the game, but her handbags are fun in a low key way and they are well made, so having her logo on your bag won’t make you seem boastful or insecure. Anyway, best of luck to you and I’m sure if you keep looking you’ll find something you like!

      1. Amy and Byron, thank you both for your helpful comments. I will keep this in mind when shopping.
        Amy, where can women find good quality coats, clothes and shoes?
        It’s easy to find quality men’s clothing but for some reason information on quality women’s clothing is a mystery!
        Thank you for the help.

  2. Hi Mary. May I add my two cents? I find it difficult to find information about classic clothing for women too. The answer for me is to apply the ideas I’ve read to the clothing I find when I’m shopping. I think you need to find a few reliable brands that offer clothing you like and suit your budget and lifestyle. For example, I love the idea of Ferragamo Varas but I’m a teacher and walking back and forth on playground asphalt every day wears out shoes quickly! Ecco is a better balance of quality, simplicity and price for me.

    I buy online quite often now but spent a lot of time trying things on to get a feel for the cut and sizing of my favourite brands. It also helps that I follow my own ‘rules’ about shapes, fabrics and colours. I’ve worked out what suits me, such as the right neckline on a white shirt, and stick to pieces that work (most of the time). I’m happy to spend ‘more’, which is different for everyone, buy less and wear the same items frequently. Women have the advantage here – accessories help so much!

    Just for interest, I like the Australian brands Perri Cutten, Sportscraft and Country Road/Trenery (for casual). I also “collect” cashmere made by the Scottish label Brora. 🙂 To go back to your original question, Oroton is a company that makes beautiful leather bags but it’s sometimes hard to avoid the logo. Another I (often) look at online is Lotuff, but I’m yet to commit! 🙂

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