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After writing The Old Money Book, I swore I’d never do a sequel or a follow up to it. I’m not a writer who writes the same thing over and over. I generally dislike those endeavors, as they smack of commercialism and borrowed inspiration. Solemn oaths notwithstanding, I’m happy to announce that, two years later, I’ve just published The Old Money Guide To Marriage.

Why? Because so many of the private emails I receive from readers of The Old Money Book and this blog have concerned personal relationships, specifically issues with dating and marrying the right person. Probably more than any other factor, a person’s happiness and well-being (emotional and financial) depend on finding the right partner in life. I know a little about this subject and how Old Money approaches it. I felt obligated and honored to write about it.

I’ve been lucky, too, being happily married to the same woman for over 25 years. My parents were married almost a half century before my father died. Divorce is rare in our clan. Marriage is considered a lifetime commitment.

With that family history and my experience in the Old Money culture, I’ve distilled the perspectives, attitudes, and strategies of Old Money as they relate to dating and marriage into an informative and entertaining guide.

Old Money Marriage

This book can be as helpful to a 16 year old who’s just starting to date as it can to a 46 year old husband, wife, or couple who want to improve their existing marriage.

Why? Because I don’t just talk about marriage. I talk about getting to know yourself first, before you look for love and partnership with another person; I detail the dating process and how to establish boundaries as your start; I discuss how to progress toward dating exclusively; how and when to get engaged; how and when to get married; and how to keep growing as individuals and as a couple.

I talk about what marriage is, why some marriages flourish, and why some marriages fail, all from the perspective of the Old Money culture, where a good marriage is considered the most prized possession of all.

I offer rock-solid advice based on my experience and the wisdom I’ve gleamed from friends, family, and colleagues. I don’t sugar-coat anything: the subject is too important. And I ask tough questions that only you and your potential partner can answer.

A friend of mine who’s engaged read The Old Money Guide To Marriage prior to publication. He told me that, as he read the book, he felt like he was being mugged by a hooligan and embraced by a loving uncle, all at the same time. My response was, “Good. Exactly. Yes.”

The points I make about life and love in the book can be painful to consider. They can, however, be incredibly beneficial in the long run, just like the advice I detailed in The Old Money Book. I also offer encouragement: I’m optimistic about marriage and its place in modern society. I’m inspired by my personal experience.

To conclude, I hope you’ll download your copy today. As always, I appreciate your support of The Old Money Book and this blog.

A happy and prosperous 2016 to everyone.

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11 thoughts on “The Old Money Guide To Marriage – Now Available on Amazon

  1. Congratulations on the new book! I just placed my order and look forward to reading it tomorrow.

  2. I’m two-thirds of the way through and it’s great. I appreciate the detail with which you’ve covered each point. Some laugh out loud lines too, such as when you describe the initial meeting between family and new partner as having the potential to make the Spanish Inquisition look like a church social. 🙂 And something about “if you’re dating a man who uses the phrase ‘my woman’, that is a red flag” made me laugh (loudly). I’ve been married for a little while now but have still found much to enjoy in this book. Thank you, Byron!

  3. Congratulations, Byron. Will look forward to reading it, but I’ll have to wait for the paperback as well. I’m a book person and just like the “feel” of the pages in my hand. Congrats again.

  4. Mugged, embraced, encouraged. The book and marriage sound like an adventure, sign me up! Congratulations on the book and a long, happy marriage!

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