The Old Money Guide To Marriage – The Heart of the Matter

As many of you know, The Old Money Guide To Marriage has just been published.

I covered Family and Marriage in The Old Money Book as one of the important Core Values that anyone can adopt in order to live a richer life. In the new book, I’ve gone into more detail about what is most likely the biggest decision of many people’s lives.

First, The Old Money Guide To Marriage provides an overview of life in general. Many people never take a moment to get some perspective about their life and the stages that most of us go through. This is important to understand these as you attempt to integrate a relationship and its incumbent emotions into your personal world.

Second, the book articulates the various factors that contribute to compatibility: education level, aspirations, family background–things some readers may have never thought of when they consider not just falling in love, but committing to someone for (what should be) a lifetime.

Third, I’m providing a timeline for dating, commitment, engagement, and marriage. Hint: it ain’t a short one. (Wink, nod.) Many young people don’t have a sense of how important the passage of time is. Its value grows on us with years, I think.

And finally, I’m speaking a little more personally in The Old Money Guide To Marriage. I’m articulating what I know from my own experience, as well as what I’ve seen in the Old Money culture.

All in all, I think the book is a great value: a tool that can help you see yourself and your relationship more clearly, and, hopefully, help you make decisions with more awareness.

I hope it’s helpful, and I really appreciate the kind words several of you have already expressed about it.

Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “The Old Money Guide To Marriage – The Heart of the Matter

  1. I haven’t read it yet, Byron. But based on your previous articles and comments about various subjects, I think it would be very insightful and helpful to many people about to contemplate marriage. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, and I look forward to reading it, and congratulations on its publication.

    1. Thank you, Bev. The print version will be available in the next few weeks, and watch for some revamping of all things Old Money. Your support is really appreciated. – BGT

  2. I loved reading your new book ‘The Old Money Guide To Marriage.’ It such a practical guide to enter the institution of matrimony with realistic expectations.I feel it’s been written just for me 🙂 .I so despaired of seeing my friends get married with their heads in the clouds…..and then come crashing down with a thud…..a few weeks or months into marriage!

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