7 thoughts on “Old Money in the Country

  1. Mr. Tully,

    Forgive me if the subject matter has already been discussed in a previous post, but this would have made a great post as to WHY OMGs spend time in the country side and how that ethos ties into and reinforces OMG values.

  2. Old money in the country is right. This is a house in the Virginia horse country, where I lived for several years, called Glen Ora. It was owned by Gladys Tartiere who lived to be 100 and was definitely an OMG. The house is best known for having been leased by John and Jackie Kennedy after Kennedy was elected president, although I think they only used it for a couple of weekends. Last I heard the family still owned the house. Nice one, Byron!

    1. I notice you posted the same thing almost exactly a year ago on 1/29/15, but its certainly worth repeating. Maybe something about this time of the year puts you in mind of this house?

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