How To Recognize an OMG

You’ve bought a copy of The Old Money Book and read it, maybe more than once. (And I thank you.) You’re enjoying doing things more than buying things. You’re on your way to accomplishing your personal and professional goals. You’ve got your finances and your priorities in order. You’re living the Old Money life.

The question is, with rampant consumerism that plagues America right now, are you living it alone? The good news is: you are not. There are quite a few OMG’s (Old Money Guys and Gals) out there. They’re simply not obvious, for obvious reasons. (Wink, nod.)

So, whether you’re at the coffee shop or the cotillion, the supermarket or the Sorbonne, here’s a quick list to help you recognize an Old Money Guy or an Old Money Gal:

They’re dressed. Not necessarily dressed up, but dressed. The Guys wear shirts (it’s sad that I have to make this distinction). These are usually short-sleeved polos or long-sleeve button downs. The Gals often wear the same. Khakis, jeans, grey slacks, blue blazers, penny loafers and topsiders…these are the Usual Suspects, the visible social cues that tell you it may be safe to approach.

When you do interact with a possible OMG, you’ll notice a second thing…

They’re polite. “Thank you” is something you’ll hear OMG’s say often. They’re appreciative. They smile frequently. They listen. They’re considerate of others in public and in private. Most importantly, OMGs are never condescending to anyone else, regardless of their occupation or position in life.

A third characteristic is…

They’re articulate. A rigorous academic background from childhood and a consistent reading list as an adult build the vocabulary and enliven the thought process. Competency in a second language is common. They have ideas and are good at expressing them.

And finally…

They’re busy. OMG’s are working hard, playing hard, and passionate about the things that they enjoy. There’s a great energy created when your life is about experiencing things rather than acquiring things.

So be vigilant. OMG’s are out there. You just have to know what to look for. Happy hunting!

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5 thoughts on “How To Recognize an OMG

  1. My laugh for the day…”they’re wearing shirts…sad that I have to make this distinction.” But it’s the truth. It’s just frightening what passes for clothing worn in public these days.

    1. I agree. The other day, someone said they thought I was a “yuppie” after first, simply for wearing the usual shirt, khakis, and loafers. I simply chuckled.

  2. Agreed. I am appalled at what constitutes “day wear” anymore. Fleece, sweat pants, flip flops (yes flip flops – in the winter here in NE PA). It’s horrifying.

  3. OMG sighting in an airport sitting next to me. And older lady was traveling with a small child and no seats to be found. He and I gave up our seats so they could sit together while waiting for the plane. I was pleasantly surprised that someone else actually thought of being polite as well. Then I found myself wandering the bookstore while waiting and another gentleman offered me a place ahead of him in line. Good day for manners at the airport! Would love to see this more often especially since I saw a car nearly run down an elderly gentleman with a walker who was stuck in the middle of the road later that day. Then again, 7 people including myself stopped to help the gentleman cross the road safely. It was heartening to see so much kindness in one day. To me, these types of events demonstrate the manners and chivalry that typically (and sadly) appear completely absent in modern society. Perhaps we are on the rebound. Hopefully.

    1. Good for you, Ericka. You and the gentleman behaved nobly and set a great example. The world is a mixed bag when it comes to manners, but you did well. Inspirational. – BGT

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