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Whether they’re fire-brand conservatives or bleeding-heart liberals, the tradition of public service is a strong one with Old Money Guys. Here are just a few who eschewed the comfortable, quiet life of inherited wealth and went, once more, unto the breach.

William F. Buckley, conservative political commentator and author.

OMB Blog - Buckley

Edward Kennedy, Democrat, United States Senator.

OMB Blog - Edward Kennedy

George H. W. Bush, Republican, President.

OMB Blog - GHW Bush

Jay Rockefeller, Democrat, United States Senator.

OMB Blog - Jay Rockefeller

There are privileges to holding public office or holding sway with public opinion, no doubt. But ask anyone who’s been there, and they’ll tell you the headaches and heartaches of trying to make the world a better place far outweigh the fleeting privileges.

Old Money Guys who don’t have to work for a living sometimes choose to be of service to the country that has given them, and their families, so much.

It’s to be commended, regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on.

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2 thoughts on “Old Money – Public Service

  1. I fall on the conservative side (I know, shocker) but I have always admired Jay Rockefeller and his commitment to public service. His early work in Appalachia made such a positive impact on the region. He left a lasting impression on that area and its people for the better.

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