10 thoughts on “Cable Knit and Pearls

  1. I have just begun to read both “The Old Money Book” as well as your “marriage book.” Both my husband and I are thoroughly enjoying both and the concepts shown throughout it. Thank you for both the books and this blog.
    Stacy Getty

  2. I love cable knit sweaters and own a few but I just hate the jarring logos some makers insist on embroidering on the front. I tend to avoid brands with logos.

  3. In this case the logo doesn’t look bad, it even matches the pink in her collared shirt. Although it does add a bit of busyness to the look which I don’t care for. I wonder what the rest of the outfit is? Perhaps dark jeans with some brown flats or boat shoes, that would look really nice. Khakis might be too stuffy and old ladyish when combined with this ensemble haha.

      1. Sounds good Byron. I would say small logos are fine so long as the person wearing it is comfortable with it being there and doesn’t make them self conscious. One more snippet I might add, that an oxford with a logo shouldn’t be worn under a sports coat. I think even a small logo adds a casual look to a dress shirt and therefore does not mesh well with a sports coat. I have tried this combination and it is actually a little jarring to the eye.

  4. Love those cable sweaters! They are my favorite “layering pieces” in pure cotton, are very comfortable and last for years. I wear the “pullovers” with OCBDs, and under tweed, navy, or “barn” jackets (with cotton t-shirts) for warmth along with jeans and leather boots.
    I also wear cable cardigans with cotton “shells”, thick socks and thick-soled leather oxfords in the winter. Cozy warmth without the fuss.
    In spring and summer, they are perfect to slip into when the rain drops the temperatures 20 to 30 degrees. And they “pack” so well for traveling…So versatile and timeless! Thank you, Mr. Tully!

  5. US, sweater; UK, AU, IR, jumper. Call it what you will, with a logo is a faux pas. We are not walking advertising billboards.

    Correct form is a home-knitted cable sweater.

    Even better, a home-knitted cable sweater from Australian Merino spun by a loved one.

    Even better still, a home-knitted cable sweater from Australian Merino spun by a loved one after hand-dying from muted natural pigments found locally to the wearer.

    Worn always with the understated self-assurance that you are loved.

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