10 thoughts on “(Old Money) Girls of Summer

  1. Lovely indeed, although the lady in the photo would probably prefer to be praised for her personality and skills, than for her looks alone. But of course, the purpose here is to evoke an atmosphere rather than judge physical attractiveness.
    As for tattoos, they may be a faux-pas among the tribe, but are they always vulgar and superficial? One story comes to mind. In his Financial Times column, Sir David Tang once claimed that he was persuaded by Kate Moss to have a tattoo, during a trip to Bangkok. As he was doing a crossword at the time, he ended up with a black square on his wrist, and allegedly hides it under his watch. If the story is true, then it shows how rules can be broken, elegantly.

    1. David Tang is an elegant man. I choose my hard-and-fast rules carefully, as there may always be an exception. I’m still reluctant to give a pass on tattoos. To me, the fact that Mr. Tang allegedly hides his under a watch is telling. – BGT

  2. Fully captivated. If her personality is one tenth her beauty she is amazing inside and out. That may sound superficial but as I grow older and the wrinkles are setting in, I really appreciate the investment in beauty. This is no insult to my beautiful wife, since we both try to find ways to increase our appearance. I find fashion and models great motivators to better yourself. It can even be great for your marriage. This model’s style is worth mimicking. Finding class and elegance is the trick for old money.

    1. ” we both try to find ways to increase our appearance.”

      Interesting. Above all, I believe in quality sleep, healthy nutrition and regular exercise. Fortunately, artificial interventions are considered a faux pas, not worth the money.

      1. Definitely not. Briefly considered the benefits, but then considering the health violations that plastic surgery entails I will take a pass.

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