And Now a Word from The President…

I recently received an email from one of our readers containing the link below. (Thank you, Elise.)

The article, first published in The Atlantic in August of 1894, warrants the reprinting by the magazine…and the rereading by all of us.

President Theodore Roosevelt is the author, and his message is important and timeless.

Still, we don’t remember the Old Money Roosevelt’s–who counted family members Teddy and Franklin among US Presidents, and Eleanor as our longest-serving First Lady, diplomat, and women’s rights activist–for what they wrote.

We remember them for what they did. Something to keep in mind the next time we think we’ve done something when we’ve tweeted, liked, or, in my case, posted.

Enjoy the read HERE.

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6 thoughts on “And Now a Word from The President…

  1. Thank you for posting this, and for making the point that discussion, arguments, and articles are not going to improve anything. They didn’t then, and certainly don’t now. I cannot even imagine what Pres. Roosevelt would think of the world online.
    I also realize I am not exempt from this- whether I am passionately debating a point or reading something to confirm what I already feel. Action and changes in behavior are necessary. So I am going back to school this summer to complete my degree, so I can do something worthwhile ( at least in my corner of the world) , rather than letting my talents and the opportunities I have languish. I try to imagine how I would explain my lifestyle to someone that could only dream of what I have been born into. I have a feeling I could be doing much more.

    1. Good for you, Elle. Education is a lifelong process, and we never know what we’re capable of until we try. Please keep us posted of your progress. I know everyone is wishing you only the best as you head back to campus. thanks, – BGT

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Byron. Without the image, the title might have worried a few of us…

    “[…] we think we’ve done something when we’ve tweeted, liked, or, in my case, posted.”
    When you post, it seems valid to say that you are *doing*. You inspire your readers. Sometimes, we may be too busy to comment, or we can’t find the right words. Yet, we are still here, for a reason.

  3. Well said, JL. This is exactly how I feel about coming here….inspired, but sometimes can’t find the right words to comment, but Byron is always so gracious and makes us feel welcome to his blog.

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