Barbara Bush: A Class Act

Barbara Bush was a wife to one president and mother to another. She lived a life, I’m sure, full of challenges, both public and private.

Still, she maintained a consistent grace, a certain decorum, . While I didn’t always agree with either Bush’s presidential politics, I always maintained a large measure of respect for her.

At a backyard barbecue in Houston, years ago, an acquaintance brought up the subject of the Bush family, who were then residents in the area. George H.W. Bush, he opined, was pretty easy-going on a lot of things.

Then he took a sip of his cocktail, swallowed hard, and then warned out of the side of his mouth, “But don’t cross Momma Bear.”

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8 thoughts on “Barbara Bush: A Class Act

  1. I don’t know the Bush family well enough to write an intelligent comment. But the “Momma Bear” reference doesn’t surprise me — she must have been a strong woman.

    Sir David Tang once wrote about his perfect day, sharing a lunch table with guests Marco Polo, Michelangelo, Pope Alexander VI and Caravaggio. For me, having tea with the people you mention in your blog, would already be perfect. For every legendary personality, there are many “silent forces” in the background.

    1. Very astute observation, JL. Thanks. Some people lead the parade. Others, well, you have to go to them to get the permit for the parade. – BGT

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