The Old Money Book Blog – An Update

You may have noticed some recent updates to The Old Money Book blog. Among other little tweaks, some new pages have been added.

You can click and view information about me (argh) on the About page;

Review past posts more easily on the Archives page;

Find summaries and quick links to most of my titles on the Books page;

Link to articles and interviews I’ve done recently on the Press page;

and, most importantly, new tribe members and old can get a quick tutorial about how to start this journey of becoming an Old Money Gal or Old Money Guy on the Getting Started page.

Because I do not naturally gravitate toward innovation (“Change is bad, bah humbug!”) it is necessary to acknowledge a couple of people.

J.L., one of most consistent and insightful contributors to the blog comments section, provided insights, information, and inspiration for several of these changes.

So, thank you, Jean-Louis.

And second, the helpful and obviously tech-savvy people at WordPress have been a blessing and a value. Their Happiness Engineers are personable, professional, and much appreciated.

So enjoy the upgrades and the slightly new look. And keep those comments coming!

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6 thoughts on “The Old Money Book Blog – An Update

  1. Hello Byron. Love the new look, especially the colors. The Getting Started is also very helpful for new readers. Again, thank you for the work you do here, and “let’s keep it old.”

  2. I just recently found this site and am grateful for the updates. I have had an easy time looking around. I have also enjoyed reading the comments on many of the posts from the archives. I have not yet had the pleasure of reading your books, but hope to in the near future. Thank you!

  3. Well, darn. I was reading your ‘about’ page and you said NOT to send you film ideas. My first novel is being made into a movie and will air February 8th, 2020. I immediately sent my 2nd novel and it was rejected within 2 seconds. Ha!! Oh, well. In reality it’s the rejections that keep you grounded and growing.

    I’m loving the changes on your blog, but at first it scared me when I saw the change. I’m also not particularly keen on change.

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