Now on Sale: ‘Old Money Style – The Gentleman’s Edition’

I’m very happy to announce the publication of the latest Old Money title, “Old Money Style – The Gentleman’s Edition”. 

The book is available three formats:

  • in hardback, with color photos;
  • in paperback, with black and white photos, and
  • as an ebook, with black and white photos.

Just click HERE to order your copy today.

We’ve discussed the importance of dressing well and purchasing clothing wisely many times on the blog. However, there were two things that I wanted to cover in this book that the blog doesn’t allow for in terms of time and space…

The first thing I wanted to do is to go into more detail, not just about the specific articles of clothing and how to wear them. I want guys to understand the philosophy behind your clothes and specifically what your clothes should actually do for you on a daily basis. By that I mean: what are they going to communicate and how can they offer you an advantage as you go out into the world.

So that’s what we start off with in the book, before we ever discuss articles of clothing.

The second thing I wanted to do in the book is make Old Money Style accessible to everybody. Of course I’ve included an ‘Inventory’ of over 30 articles of clothing that every man should own, their history, what they’re made of, how and what they’re worn with, and which vendors sell them and at what price points. (I don’t get any compensation or clothing from any vendor listed in the book. I’m an author, not an influencer.)

But before I detail the inventory, I offer ‘The Starting Five’–five articles of clothing that any man can acquire and be properly dressed for almost any occasion. I present these fundamental, go-to pieces for two reasons: some guys are on a budget, and need to get a wardrobe together quickly for not a lot of money; and some guys just aren’t that interested in clothes, but still want to look good when they go out, without thinking about it too much.

I also offer men easy to follow, no-brainer wardrobe packages like the ‘Daily’ and the ‘Dress Daily’, so they can look good and be comfortable, seven days a week, without giving it a second thought, and without spending a bucketload of money.

There are chapters for the aficionado, as well. I discuss the differences between ‘off the rack’, ‘made to measure’ and ‘bespoke’ clothing, advising on when and how to approach each price and quality level. I advocate for Mercer and Sons oxford-cloth button-down blue shirts, as well pay homage to Neapolitan shirtmaker Anna Matuozzo, London icon Turnbull and Asser, and the legendary Charvet of Paris.

I’ve included more than three dozen color photographs. Some are simply of the articles of clothing referred to in the book. Others are candid shots of everyday men–not fashion models–sporting Old Money Style.

So as lofty as some sartorial conversations can be about the drape of a jacket or the unfused lining of a shirt collar, Old Money Style keeps it pretty real: this is for the man who gets dressed for work 5 days a week and needs to look nice for his daughter’s piano recital on Saturday. It’s not for the guy who wants to look like he just stepped out of the pages of GQ magazine.

In addition to clothing, I cover jewelry and accessories as well as personal grooming.

This is a great book for any man. It will reaffirm what you Old Money Guys have been doing right for generations. It will also inform and inspire the newbies to adopt this timeless way of dressing in order to make a better first impression…and save money along the way.

I need to say thanks to the (normally media-shy) OMGs who graciously agreed to appear in photographs in the book. I must also thank Rolex, Cartier, Harris Tweed, Brooks Brothers, Allen Edmonds, McConnell’s Clothing of Buffalo, New York, the Bespoke Unit, and the ever-generous David Mercer at Mercer and Sons, who provided beautiful pictures for the book.

So pick up a few copies today for yourself, your son, your grandson, or the young man down the street who’s graduating this spring.

As convenient as the ebook can be, this is a book you’ll want to own, hold, and keep on your bookshelf at home. So the print versions might be your best bet. My guess is that you might refer to it regularly as you consider updating your wardrobe over time.

Thank you all for your continued support and participation on this blog and with the books.

Oh, one last note for the Old Money Gals: Old Money, New Woman – How To Manage Your Money and Your Life will be available soon…in Spanish. We’re very excited about that.

All the best from Paris…

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12 thoughts on “Now on Sale: ‘Old Money Style – The Gentleman’s Edition’

  1. Hello Byron,

    Longtime blog reader, and I’ve been looking forward to this latest publication. However, I don’t see an ebook option on Amazon?

    1. My apologies, Bill. I just received notice via email that the Kindle/ebook approval process has been completed. You should be able to order very soon. Today, I believe. I’ll stay on this. Thank you! – BGT

  2. Delighted to hear you’re in print again. I did want to order it for my Kindle, but it’s not offered in that format. Will it be available later? Congrats on publishing again!

  3. Already gave the book a quick reading. I can’t wait to have the time to read through more thoroughly. Are there any characters on a TV show or movie that can help exemplify an OMG? Thanks. And it goes without saying I enjoy your books.

    1. Thank you, Pete. I appreciated that. You might take a look at the actor Christopher Plummer, on film and in real life. He is well dressed in classic style most of the time. (Knives Out, his most recent film, and Syriana, in early 2000s, come to mind.)

      Kind of an OMG, his great-grandfather was prime minister of Canada, I think, and he lives most of the time now in rural Connecticut. – BGT

  4. I read this book cover to cover and I really like it. I’ve been refining my OMG style for many years and this book pointed me toward some items I need to acquire, a few items I need to pull.from the back of my closet and some items I need to wear differently.

    I’m in 100% agreement with the vast majority of Byron’s recommendations. I like when Bryon distinguishes between old and new money style – for example Gucci loafers. It’s comforting to make these choices and know that I’m making the right choices.

    1. Thank you, Maurice. I appreciate your kind words. Feel free to share on Amazon’s Reader Reviews as your schedule allows. I’m glad the book was informative. Much appreciated. – BGT

  5. Whoops — I meant to comment here, rather than the ebook thread above, so I will repeat myself:

    I just finished reading my hardcover copy of your new book. Good work, and spot on!

    One quibble: In my circle, the appearance of an expensive watch such as a Rolex immediately identifies its owner as a wannabee rather than the real thing. Really, such a totem serves only for show (a $200 Seiko is a much better watch), and OMG guys — real ones — don’t think along those lines; they don’t have to. This could be a regional difference, perhaps, as I am a Southerner, and we do some things just a little bit differently than our friends in, say, New York or Boston.

    Again, your new book is really good, and I would certainly recommend it without hesitation to anyone with an interest in the topic.

    1. Thank you, Dr. Forbes. Your kind words are much appreciated. Our take on the wrist watch differs, but only slightly: the subtle and functional trump the glitzy and gaudy every time, and I view a stainless steel Rolex and a Seiko as contenders in the same down-to-earth category.

      If you have a moment, feel free to share your sentiments on Old Money Style’s product page under Reader Reviews. I need all the help I can get as we try to convert the masses to dressing well. And thank you again. – BGT

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