Old Money Style on Ivy Style

I just wanted to let you all know that Christian Chensvold’s ‘Ivy Style’ blog has posted an interview with me about the release of Old Money Style – The Gentleman’s Edition.

My thanks go out to Christian.

Also a special thank you to ‘ANV’, the writer who wrote the piece.

Our conversation was a delight.

Please enjoy the article by clicking through HERE.

Thank you all.

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4 thoughts on “Old Money Style on Ivy Style

  1. “The American is here! Everybody, put on your sunglasses!”

    Delightful, Bryon. Enjoyable read. Don’t bother about that enigmatic Parisian predilection for dark monochrome dressing.

    As Simon Kuper, a Parisian resident himself, once wrote in the FT about Parisian “elites”, they aren’t made to achieve in the world, but in the centre of Paris. Perhaps that geographical insularity has moulded their tastes and customs.

    French patricians pur-sang, as one reads, naturally gravitate towards the look of the “notaire de province”, the countryside notary.

    1. Good call, JL. You know the landscape, sir. They are bred to succeed in this bubble. Spot on with the country notary look, too. Elegance with ease, in manner and dress. Thanks. – BGT

  2. As I notice the title of the book includes “…The Gentleman’s Edition”, I must ask: are you planning to write a version for women?

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