6 thoughts on “Please Pardon My Absence

  1. It’s absolutely wonderful to hear from you Byron!

    And I would bet money that your ‘unsettling preoccupation and unusual silence’ have been about the September release of the new book you hinted at back in July – which I made a mental note of at the time, but didn’t want to ‘jinx’.

    It’s terrific to have you back and vocal – and especially with such good news!!!!!

    Some day you’ll have to share which of my parents’ ‘stress-release’ methods worked for you! (Or maybe it was the threat of a park chase!)


    He’s BACK!!!!

    Best regards to BGT and ALL OMGs EVERYWHERE!

    Jan B

  2. Regarding my previous posts during the ‘search for BGT escapade’–

    What I SHOULD HAVE SAID is that ‘Prayers are always answered!’

    Sorry Amy! My previous posts were grammatically in-correct ‘all over the place’!

    But – and I think you’ll agree – the only thing that matters is that now we know that our gifted friend Byron is alive and doing well during a period of a work overload in anticipation of the birth of a new book (thank you, thank you Byron)!


    I’ve followed, looked forward to, and enjoyed your own posts while being in awe of you and them for years. I have no doubt in my mind that you will welcome Byron’s ‘voice’ – grammatically correct or not – when it returns next week just as all of us will.

    p.s. I’ve missed your posts too you beautiful and classy lady! Long time no read!!!

    Happy now as it all turns out for the best – and with Highest Regards to you as well! JanB

    And now – as my father used to say after one of his ‘lectures’ — ENOUGH, IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON, BRING ME MY GRANDCHILDREN AND THEN GO FIND OUT WHAT’S FOR DINNER!

    1. Good to see you’re back, Mr. Tully! I’m looking forward to reading your new book very much. You mentioned it in another post and it sounded very exciting indeed.

  3. Wonderful to hear that all is well! I’m eagerly anticipating more information about the new book. Happy almost-September, all!

  4. Excited to hear from you again Byron!

    You might say you followed what seems to be a tradition in France – and elsewhere – of taking a few weeks off in August – even though it seems that for you it was not a holiday.

    Very much looking forward to reading your new book and welcome back sir!

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