The Allen Edmonds Bargain

As many of you already know, I’m a longtime advocate for Allen Edmonds men’s shoes. They’re traditional in style, well-made, and have a history of excellent customer service. If you take care of your AE’s, they can last ten years and even twenty. I recently discovered a new feature on their website that I wanted … More The Allen Edmonds Bargain

Old Money Essential: Allen Edmonds Shoes

As you know, I’m very reluctant to promote consumer products on this blog. Old Money is about being, not buying. Still, when a product exhibits value, classic design, and enduring quality, it warrants consideration and notice. Allen Edmonds, established in Belgium, Wisconsin, almost 100 years ago, is a great example of an Old Money essential. … More Old Money Essential: Allen Edmonds Shoes

The Old Money Windfall

We talk about the concepts of Old Money constantly on this site, but there’s nothing like real world encounters to make the concepts come to life. In this case, the real world encounter is with an OMG (Old Money Guy) I know who recently sold his company and experienced a substantial financial windfall as a … More The Old Money Windfall

You Must Remember This…

When you walk into a grand retail establishment and gaze in wonder at the crystal chandelier, the marble floors, and the fine wood furnishings, remember…you’re paying for ’em. When you’re flattered by the elegant and sophisticated salespersons who work on salary–and probably commission–remember…you’re paying for ’em. When you see ads in a magazine or newspaper … More You Must Remember This…