The Allen Edmonds Bargain

As many of you already know, I’m a longtime advocate for Allen Edmonds men’s shoes.

They’re traditional in style, well-made, and have a history of excellent customer service. If you take care of your AE’s, they can last ten years and even twenty.

I recently discovered a new feature on their website that I wanted to share. They have a ‘factory seconds’ section under their ‘sale’ banner that features slightly less than perfect shoes for very good prices.

I think this is a great option for students, young men just starting out, and anyone who wants to add a new ‘foot soldier’ to the roster for less than retail price.

So, as we enter the holiday season, keep Allen Edmonds in mind for the man in your life, or yourself.

I’ll discuss shoes, and all things sartorial, in the upcoming book, Old Money Style, which will be published in the coming weeks.

But I wanted to share this recent discovery with you now.

Note: I don’t receive any compensation or products from Allen Edmonds.


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12 thoughts on “The Allen Edmonds Bargain

  1. Looking forward to the newest addition, Byron! And I wish you’d offer a companion piece for women! I’ve had success with Ferragamo shoes–hefty price tag, but my first pair lasted me 20 years. I can recall the shoe repair fellow saying how much he loved working on that brand, as they were so well made. (I had the heels and soles re-done.) Such a time and money saver, buying high quality, and taking care of it.

  2. Another way to score great savings on Allen Edmonds shoes is to wait for their sales. Particularly their ‘anniversary’ sales. I bought a pair of toe-cap Oxford’s about eighteen months ago and obtained a 53% discount on my purchase. Well worth the wait.


  3. Hard to go wrong with shoes by AE. And looking forward to the forthcoming book on old money style. Really enjoyed reading (at long last) The Old Money Book during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend by the way. Much within that resonated in a very familiar way.

    Best Regards,


  4. This is tremendous advice. Beginning in law school, I began acquiring several pairs of AE’s at strategic times–sales, wedding, and then learning about AE Seconds. You can also visit to always search their full stock of seconds by your shoe size.

    I have purchased several pairs of shoes this way over the years, always with great success. I have never notice anything “second” about the appearance, though on two separate pairs I did experience the rubber heel cover coming unglued after maybe a dozen or so wears. In both instances this was repaired at no cost to me. In the end, you may find a pair of shoes that are timeless and will outlive you (if you treat them well and have them recrafted, eventually). All for possibly up to 70% of the original price. In any event, it can be a true value.

  5. Back in my undergrad days I used to have to call the factory to get a spreadsheet of their seconds! It’s nice that they are now online, some of the ”defects” arent even noticeable, received a pair with a bad scuff on the right heel that is barely noticeable after a polish. Definitely a great resource for a starter shoe!


  6. AE shoes represent a terrific bargain for the value delivered – especially during the Cyber Monday sale.

    Combine the Cyber Monday sale with factory seconds, and you have unbeatable value.

    I highly recommend AE shoes w/ Dainite soles – my favorite combination.

    I very much look forward to your book on style. I like the phrase in your Old Money Book: “Old Money dresses. Everybody else dresses up…” You are uniquely positioned to bring an international perspective to your forthcoming book.

    The complication is how to mix traditional Old Money style with a touch of modern – especially outerwear.

    Also, fit is a critically important – and too often overlooked – aspect of style. Sadly, old money style that doesn’t fit properly, is not well maintained, or worn out is all too common and in some cases encouraged.

  7. I went off the deep end and purchased a pair of AE Strand sneakers in brown suede and I love them. They are the perfect amalgam of Adidas white sneakers and traditional Strand dress shoes.

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