You Must Remember This…

When you walk into a grand retail establishment and gaze in wonder at the crystal chandelier, the marble floors, and the fine wood furnishings, remember…you’re paying for ’em.

When you’re flattered by the elegant and sophisticated salespersons who work on salary–and probably commission–remember…you’re paying for ’em.

When you see ads in a magazine or newspaper for products, remember…you’re paying for ’em. (And even more for celebrity endorsements.)

When a retailer offers a “buy one, get one free” promotion, remember, “free” or not, you’re paying for ’em.

Look for retailers who have less overhead. For clothing, LL Bean is a good example. For shoes, G.H. Bass and Allen Edmonds.

Companies like these have a history of quality products and good customer service. And for those two things…it’s okay if you’re paying for ’em.


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