The Discipline To Be Happy

Abraham Lincoln once said that most people are as happy as the make up their mind to be. And he was probably right. Most of us can wake up in the morning and choose to be happy. Or not. Certainly, there are events and circumstances in everyone’s lives that render us miserable, depressed, or angry. … More The Discipline To Be Happy

Old Money and Optimism

The headlines in the mainstream media, and even some posts on this blog, wax anxiously about inflation, unemployment, and financial crises. No matter which way we look sometimes, it seems there are dark clouds on every horizon. Nevertheless, I feel it’s essential to emphasize the importance of optimism. We must, in order to be psychologically … More Old Money and Optimism

Why Our Work Fatigues Us

Many people work at jobs that are not very demanding, physically or mentally, and at the end of the week find themselves exhausted. They really need the weekend–as well as the long weekends and holidays that are sprinkled throughout the calendar year–to recover. Other people have jobs that demand all of their mental and physical … More Why Our Work Fatigues Us