The Discipline To Be Happy

Abraham Lincoln once said that most people are as happy as the make up their mind to be. And he was probably right. Most of us can wake up in the morning and choose to be happy. Or not.

Certainly, there are events and circumstances in everyone’s lives that render us miserable, depressed, or angry. But the depth and duration of such emotions is, to a large extent, up to us.

Old Money gets back to happy as quickly as possible. Misery may love company, but the painful truth is that nobody wants to be around someone who’s miserable for very long. Yes, your friends and family will comfort you in times of need, but the best way to show your gratitude is to buck up and put a smile on your face as soon as possible. You may have to fake it at first, but acting like you’re doing and feeling well is a way to drag yourself along until you really are doing and feeling better. Also, it’s rude to complain for any extended period of time.

Talk about pleasant subjects. Look around for things to be happy about or grateful for. If you must, make a list, starting with the most basic. Number one might be that you have your sight and are able to read this blog. Number two might be that you have some semblance of health. You have friends, I would hope. You have the ability to change your situation, no matter how bad things might seem right now.

Being happy is a discipline that becomes a habit. You can live in sunshine or in shadow. Have the discipline to be happy.


2 thoughts on “The Discipline To Be Happy

  1. So absolutely true…there is always something negative to focus on if we let ourselves. It is about maintaining an even keel despite the rough seas or, even more difficult for me, the doldrums. My mother always insisted on a pleasant face and moderated voice – no matter the circumstances.

    Attitude is one of the most important and controllable aspects of our lives. Excellent post.

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