Ten Question Quiz: How Old Money Are You?

To find out just how Old Money you really are, answer the following questions:

1. The average age of all pairs of shoes you own is:

A. “By shoes, you mean flip-flops?”

B. One to five years old.

C. Over five years old, thank you very much.

2. When your car odometer rolls over to 200,000 miles:

A. “It belongs to somebody else because I like to drive new cars.”

B. It’s time to trade it in.

C. You don’t notice because the car is still running fine.

3. Your favorite jacket is:

A. One you just paid full price for at at retail establishment.

B. One you bought on sale five years ago.

C. Grandfather’s and beat to hell.

4. Your first major expenditure as a married couple is:

A.  A new car, because my baby’s worth it.

B. A new house so we’ll have room for all our stuff.

C. “Spend money now? Are you mad?”

5. You have a financial windfall. The first thing you do is:

A. Tell all your friends, rent a limousine, hit the clubs, and wake up a few grand lighter.

B. Buy an expensive watch and make sure your friends notice.

C. Say nothing, but invite a few friends over for dinner and drinks because you don’t like paying retail for alcohol.

6. When someone suggest that you might consider dressing more fashionably, you:

A.  Think they might be right because they dress fashionably.

B.  Think they’re trying to be a good mentor.

C. Think they’re an idiot for buying clothes that go out of style.

7. If you have a pierced ear, you are:

A.  Hip.

B.  Having a midlife crisis.

C.  A woman.

8. If your child tells you they want to attend college after they graduate from high school next year, you:

A. Wish them good luck with that.

B. Start playing the lottery with a real strategy this time.

C. Ask them which schools they are thinking about because their college fund was established and funded regularly since before they were born, thank you very much.

9. When someone asks to borrow money from you, you:

A. Laugh and say, “I was just about to ask you for money! How funny is that?”

B. Fend off the request with a lame excuse because you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

C. Inquire about the circumstances of their situation without committing one way or another, then loan them the money if you think it’s the right thing to do.

10. When you think about the things you want:

A. You think that food processor thing you saw on the Home Shopping Network last night at 3 a.m.

B. You think about a nicer car because your in-laws have a nice car.

C. You think about accomplishments and experiences, not material things.

Your score should be fairly easy to calculate.


2 thoughts on “Ten Question Quiz: How Old Money Are You?

  1. Sorry, Byron, I love my flip flops. $2 and they last a whole summer. I read your book at a very opportune time in my life. Instead of an Audi R8, I started looking at the 14 year old one, imagining it at 30. Thank you.

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