The Boston Cracked Shoe Look

Aged to perfection.
Aged to perfection.

Decades ago, when Boston OMG’s would graduate from college, they would march down to the local men’s haberdashery and embark upon an often once-in-a-lifetime ritual: buying a pair of shoes.

I say once-in-a-lifetime without exaggeration, for it is the “Boston Cracked Shoe Look” that many Old Money Guys are still known for.

They buy a pair of shoes and never thrown them away. They are constantly worn, polished, re-heeled and re-soled, and worn for a lifetime with no small amount of satisfaction.

The ‘cracked’ part of the equation occurs in the upper part of the shoe, which is almost impossible to repair.

And, of course, who would want to do that?


2 thoughts on “The Boston Cracked Shoe Look

  1. I don’t get it; worn out shoes don’t look good. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to be seen like that?

    1. Most men who sport the cracked shoe look are otherwise very well dressed. So people tend to realize that your shoes aren’t worn out from neglect, but rather wear. But it’s true: you do need a certain amount of self confidence to sport the look. – BGT

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