Cicero, Old Money Guy

Cicero, wearing  the oxford cloth button down shirt of his day, I'm guessing.
Cicero, wearing the oxford cloth button down shirt of his day, I’m guessing.

Marcus Tullius Cicero, as you may know, was a famous Roman orator, philosopher, and politician.  He was also an Old Money Guy, growing up in a wealthy household outside Rome that was overseen by a bookish father and managed by a thrifty, no-nonsense mother.

Here are some of his quotes that will endear him to OMG’s everywhere:

“Not to be covetous is money. Not to be avid to buy is revenue.”

“The whole thing is to be master of yourself.”

“To me indeed all things seem more praiseworthy which are done without ostentation and without public witness.”

“Not by calculation of your income, but by your manner of living and your culture, is your wealth really to be reckoned.”

Some people get a kick out of how much things change. I get a kick out of how much they don’t.

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4 thoughts on “Cicero, Old Money Guy

  1. The last one is my favorite. It nicely sums what good living is all about. A healthy bank account is advantageous to be sure, but there are also different types of riches in life.

  2. As noted by Cicero,self-discipline and humility are the key to achieving a noteworthy manner of living and culture. Very inspiring!

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