Where Does Honor Fit In?

It’s a ruthless, competitive world, some people say, and you’ve got to cut corners and take every advantage you can get. It may be so. If it is, where does the concept of honor fit in?

First, let’s define honor as simply doing what you should do rather than doing whatever you can get away with. How high we set that bar for our own behavior and how consistently you live up to the standard is how honorable you are.

Second, let’s agree that we can all up our game a little in this regard. We can adopt and refine a code of behavior to direct and define how we conduct ourselves in life.

Third, we can seek out others who share this idea of a code of honor. We can do business with, socialize with them, and find support in difficult circumstances knowing  that we are not alone in striving to be a better person. Together, we can embrace this shared ideal and possibly create a better world.

Conversely, we can ostracize those who act dishonorably. We can use peer pressure to encourage ethical behavior. We can give unethical and illegal actions consequences, not outside the law, but above it.

Finally, we can set an example and leave a legacy of personal responsibility for our children to consider, digest, and implement in their daily lives.

That would be the honorable thing to do.

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3 thoughts on “Where Does Honor Fit In?

  1. Byron, what a good point about ostracizing the dishonorable. Peer pressure is sometimes more effective ( and cheaper) than attempting to legislate behavior.
    In the late 70s and early 80s, before the gang drug wars took off, there was a more serious gang problem in NY. Many young ladies suddenly refused to go out with gangsters anymore .Though their dishonorable extracurricular activities were lucrative, the young men couldn’t live without the ladies’ approval, so many gave up the gangster life. and became honorable men.

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