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  1. This picture would be a great conversation starter regarding the advantages of an Ivy League (or little ivy) education. As a product of the midwestern state university system, I can definitely report that in this part of the country, an Ivy League education would be a rarity and would probably not give an individual the advantages that may be afforded on the coasts (with the exception of the Chicago area – maybe).

    Are there any blog readers who received an Ivy (or little ivy) education who would be willing to comment on their experiences? Did you find that the Ivy League experience gave you an advantage in the job market?

    Thanks, Byron. Always a huge fan of your blog and books!


    1. Hi Keith! I went to one of the so called Little Ivies, but I went to graduate school after that so my experience in the job market had more to do with grad school than where I went to college. (I went to a grad school that is generally considered one of the best in the country, but it’s not in the Ivy League.) I think an Ivy League education opens a lot of doors for you, but you still have to walk through the door yourself and how you do after that depends on how good a job you do.

      What I got at my “Little Ivy” school was a first rate education. I took mostly humanities courses like English Literature, History, Philosophy and Political Science, but I also took some introductory courses in music and drama and a couple of science classes where I learned a lot about the scientific method, experimental design and statistical analysis of data, which skills have turned out to be a lot more useful later in life than I would have thought.

      I made a lot of very good friends in college, but I did not make the kinds of connections that you can make at Harvard or Yale that may help you later in your career. I did however learn how to write well, how to find and analyze the information that I need and how to think critically. Most of all though, I learned how to learn. I learned to love reading and art, music and drama, history and architecture, science and philosophy and to really appreciate ideas and the life of the mind.

      So to answer your question, I don’t know how much it helped me in the job market (though it obviously didn’t hurt) but it has been absolutely priceless in helping me to understand, appreciate and enjoy life.

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