Old Money: The Rewards Program



Double espresso in the library of The Cotton House Hotel, Barcelona, Spain.

In a previous life, the building was the home and factory for family-owned textile company. Now a 6 story boutique luxury hotel, the first floor library still retains the original ornate, 150 year old wood carved ceiling, replete with an original fresco.

In addition to a vast array of books, the library shelves are stocked with the finest cotton fabrics in the world. If you wish, a local artisan will come to the hotel, assist you with selecting your fabrics, and measure you for bespoke shirts, which Cotton House will then deliver anywhere in the world.

Warning: you can expect this experience to bristle your OMG hairs.  Rooms at the Cotton House hover in the 350 euro per night range, and the shirts will set you back about 300 euros each.

Upside: the food, accommodations, and service at the hotel are world class. The coffee is, as some of my younger, hipper friends might say, off the hook.

Something to consider.

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