13 thoughts on “Some Things Never Change

    1. The preppy look became trendy and mass market for a while in the 1980s, but true preps just keep dressing the same way their whole lives. They really don’t put much thought into it.

  1. Regardless of this particular outfit, but within the old money spirit, what are your thoughts on replacing khakis with jeans?

    1. Bonjour, Jean Louis. I think the blazer and jeans look is a good one, as long as the jeans fit well…with a quality shirt and quality shoes. – BGT

    2. Denim is rough, heavy and uncomfortable. Some people seem to believe that it looks good or feels comfortable. Those people have been brainwashed by the twin forces of conformity and consumerism. Khakis are much more Old Money.

  2. PS: One could perhaps imagine another element in the image. You have previously mentioned “The Merchant of Venice”, but I do not remember reading about scent. Preferably discreet, or none. From an old perfume house, or, indeed, a talented artisan.

    1. I favor classics: Acqua di Parma, Pasha from Cartier. And yes, a talented artisan is best. I’ve heard of boutiques where you can create your own personalized scent. I think that would be wonderful. – BGT

  3. Thank you for both replies and for sharing your favourite scents. AdP is indeed great, Pasha I haven’t tried. It seems you have a fascination for Italy (reading previous posts), so I would also recommend the independent perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi, from Florence.

  4. Preppy or not…I live in the forest areas of Northern Arizona. I am keeping the jeans. (Nodding yes with a smile…)

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