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  1. I am not old money. I would like to know if old money takes their kids to Disneyland? Theme parks? In your world, is it a badge of honor for a kid from a wealthy family to say they have never been to Disneyland? I don’t plan on traveling to Europe or distant locales with my kids so my kids will not benefit in that way. Is Disneyland important?

    1. Hi Lauren, thank you for visiting. I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘badge of honor’, but I’m certain it’s not as common. Children’s desire to go to Disneyland etc is probably equal to their exposure to television and marketing, the same as wanting toys or junk food. This exposure is less in Old Money families because the children are usually involved in challenging school or extracurricular activities, overall consumer behavior is less, and their diets are more carefully monitored.

      That said, I’d welcome a comment from Dario, who has young children, or any of our other regular contributors who are also parents, for a first-person perspective. – BGT

    2. Hi Lauren,
      We do not go to Disneyland because it is not important and simply there is nothing to learn.

      Ask yourself what can a kid learn in Disneyland?! How visiting Disneyland would contribute to your kids’ independence, self-reliance, courage, cognitive development, perseverance ……

      We were in America many times and one needs two lives to discover it. You have many wonders you will not find anywhere else.

      I am attaching a link and hope you and your family, as well as other readers will enjoy and perhaps start planning and packing.


  2. Our funds for travel have been limited in the past few years. Consequently, we have restricted all our travel to U.S. locations. We tend to focus our travels on major American cities and visits to friends and families. This year we are taking our daughters to Phoenix, New York City, Washington D.C. and Lincoln, NE. We did take our children to Disney World once, but only because their grandparents gave us the money to do so. Our experience is that while the kids certainly enjoyed Disney World, in the long run they talk more about visiting family and natural wonders. Three years after the fact, the girls still ask about going back to the Grand Canyon for another visit and this time also going to the Painted Desert. In my opinion, save your money and take your kids to a great city, to see a natural wonder or visit a favorite family member or two.

  3. I have 2 daughters (ages 3 & 5) and I live in the UK. Although they enjoy Disney movies I would not consider taking them to the theme park (Paris or Florida) I feel these attractions are marketed more towards parents & creating a sense of ‘guilt’ if your children have not visited. There is certainly a sense of ‘one-upmanship’ amongst parents in the school playground regarding ‘going to Disneyland’ but I find it comical.
    As a family we normally alternate between 2-weeks in Norway on a friends mountain farm, or a cottage in Scotland in a small fishing village.
    Holidays are about spending time together as a family in the fresh air, without stress or worry.
    N.B Although I am the 3rd generation of my family to ‘have money’ and my father owned a successful business and raced classic Ferrari’s, holiday’s when I was growing up were normally spent in a tiny caravan in a pine forest near a beach on the Dorset coast. They were the best.

  4. We spend time every summer at a house owned by family. It’s in a small town on the coast, a few hours south of the city where we live. We swim, walk on the beach, wander around the town and the wharf and eat fish and chips far too often. We cook most meals and spend time reading and watching favourite movies in the evenings – some of the same things we do at home but with fewer distractions. We take our dog. Our son has health issues that make new places difficult sometimes so we are very lucky to have this place that feels like home.

    Next week, we will spend a few days of the Easter school break on a driving holiday, visiting some country towns and a fantastic zoo in our state. They’re places my husband and I went to when we were growing up that we want to share with our children.

    We haven’t done much international travel with our children yet. It would involve long flights and our children are still young. I travelled overseas recently, however, and on the way home my husband and oldest child met me in Hong Kong where we spent a few days exploring the night markets, restaurants and sights. We visited a theme park there but it was boring! She much preferred looking at the view from Victoria Peak, the ferries and the markets.

    Some of my family think that travel, eating in restaurants, etc. are privileges earned as you grow older and display the necessary manners! My thoughts are that children want time, attention and conversation so we try to plan our family holidays with that in mind.

  5. PS I love the way a picture of blokes in bow ties changed into a discussion about travel, choices and personal philosophy. You really have to read the comments attached to every post or you might miss something! 🙂

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