6 thoughts on “Old Money Quote

  1. Great quote and very true. Independence and freedom mean more than outward displays any day. Little do those who seek wealth for display realize, the very people they are trying to impress are too self absorbed to really care. It won’t be long before the next flashy trend takes its place. Happiness and fulfillment sought, but you’re barking up the wrong tree.

  2. I remember in my early teens (30 years ago) shopping with my family for a new dining table (solid wood, classic style, they will probably never purchase another)
    My father had recently been given a ‘Ferrari owners club’ credit card (must have been a great deal) When he paid at the till the young guy looked at the card and asked my father if he had a Ferrari? I have never seen my dad so embarrassed! I think he mumbled a response but i couldn’t understand at the time why he didn’t want to talk about it.
    I don’t think that credit card ever came out of the wallet in public again…

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